Annual Events in San Juan, Puerto Rico

When it comes to bright, colorful parties San Juan, Puerto Rico knows how to throw them! As the saying goes, there is always a party somewhere in Puerto Rico and a good majority of them takes place in this city. So whether you’re a local resident or planning your next vacation there, be sure to check out one of the seasonal events!

The annual San Sebastian Festival is one enormous outdoor party! It takes place every year during the 3rd week of January on San Sebastian Street. Full of colorful fun, the street is stuffed with stalls, crowds, food, alcohol, music, arts and crafts, plus much, much more!

If classical music is pleasing to your ear than this event is for you! The Casals Festival is held every year at the San Juan Performing Arts Center. It honors Pablo Casal, the cellist who, although not a native to San Juan, started the first Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra. The event consists of 11 different concerts featuring acclaimed artists and can be viewed at Sala Teatro Rene Marques and at the Sala Antonio Paoli venue.

If a historical, seasonal activity is your idea of fun then be sure to attend the Ponce Carnival! The Carnival takes place throughout the entire week leading up to Ash Wednesday and is much like the U.S. version of Mardi Gras. It is the most celebrated and colorful event and dates back all the way into the 1700s! The streets will be filled to overflowing with costumed characters wearing scary demon masks, lots of music, and massive crowds. The celebration culminates with a mock funeral procession through the streets complete with drag queens and fake mourners! If you like a good time then this is the place for you!

The Puerto Rico Salsa Congress is a dancer’s dream! It is a weeklong celebration of everything Salsa that takes place yearly during the month of June. It attracts both local and international Salsa enthusiasts and it is where the annual World Salsa Open, a dance competition, takes place!